I'm finally back painting Salamanders after a significant detour with my Orlocks. I genuinely enjoyed painting blue and orange for a time, but eventually with 10th heating up, and my regular playgroup abandoning Necromunda until 11th edition is on the horizon, I'd need to pretend I had a chance of successfully completing a fraction of the grey tide of power armour in my back room.

Fortunately, I had under- and basecoated these two invaders from a simpler time, and so it made logical sense to get them cleared off the bench first. Nevermind that they'd cycled out of the meta and hadn't seen any game time. I mean, the last three units I've painted haven't seen any board time either, why start painting meta-relevant units now?

Before you ask, yes, these were very painful to paint, in particular the metal grille upon which the gunner is situated. Yes, I did just have to jam my brush, loaded up with metallic paint, in between the gunner's legs and yes, I do regret my decision. Next time, I will do better (I won't.)

Because GW is afflicted with brain worms, the Invader is not on a base. This means that, to paint it, you have to hold it. Or, do what I did, and buy an XL painting handle and blue-tack it to the base it should've been on, which made handling much, much easier.

Overall, happy enough with the job I did on these. It's not perfect, and for a change I actually ended up giving up painting some of the harder to reach places, but that'll be a secret between you, and me, single reader.

Catch you next time,

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