With this latest unit finished, I have successfully completed all the miniatures I undercoated before I had Sophie. This is a significant achievement for me, even as the edition has changed and thus half of the models I have painted in the last year have become... less useful.

Even in this particular example, it won't be long before these guys hit the bench as well, to be replaced by the "cheaper, but just as good" Space Marine Scouts. Once Games Workshop pulls their finger out and releases the kill team box, that is.

Don't let the pictures fool you, either - whilst there are ten miniatures, Infiltrators are best used in minimum unit size, to play the board. Whilst this doesn't make them exciting to play with, it does make them almost compulsory in the current format of the game.

So there are actually two squads, as arranged below.

Much like the Invader ATVs in the previous hobby article, I made extensive use of Vallejo Metal Colour Gunmetal Grey, which goes on steady and strong, and made the metal much quicker this time around. Highlighting with Stormhost Silver instead of Runefang Steel is also a marked improvement, as it's possible to see where the highlights are being applied, instead of just guessing.

I'm particularly proud of the job I did on the Helix Gauntlet (which I affectionately name the "Heroin Gauntlet"). Painting white is still very much a challenge for me, mixed in with the complications of buttons and screens.

The gauntlet screen in particular comes from using Foundry's Bright Green, which I regret not discovering until I had already painted (almost) 1,500 points of Green Men. I'm particularly pleased with how that came together, particularly the "highlight", which leans closer into a mint green, making it look more distinct against the green armour.

Overall I'm very close to having enough miniatures for CanCon, with the list shortening as I crack out my airbrush and start blasting. Pray for me, as I also just picked up World of Warcraft for Season of Discovery. Whoops.

Catch you next time,

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