In the eternal conundrum of "I like this model, but it's probably not a good fit for my organisation" - in comes the Salamander Phobos Lieutenant. Brilliant model, but has nothing special to really offer my mob. He can't take the Drakeblade, doesn't have a fancy boltgun - he's just a guy with two knives.

Which, as Moe Syzlak will tell you, feels pretty great. However for what this bloke has to deal with, it's probably not going to get the job done. But here he is anyway:

I really enjoyed painting this miniature - In the end I decided against putting a small flame icon on his right shoulderpad and opted to freehand some flames - it means he looks less uniform, but much like a reserve-grade footy halfback, he'll be riding the bench most of the time.

Again, to help the black stand out, I finished him off with a good dose of Vallejo Mecha Matt varnish. I'd love to be sponsored by a company that has access to Vallejo Mecha Matt varnish, so I could be paid to tell you all where to get it, because it's just tops. And not just for whatever nerds do with action figures.

I also wasn't really sure how the basing detail would fit in with my existing basing scheme, but it turned out just fine. It could've been better if I put actual effort into painting it, but I didn't, so, nyeeh.

Catch you next time,

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