I have been able to ship this article out at 9:00 on monday morning this week, and, quite frankly, I would like a medal.

But, I suppose I would have to get in line, because there's a certain green-eyed fullback who deserves one far more than me.

Yes, I'm spoiling the result early because unless you live under a rock, or don't watch footy, you know how the game ended. A dubious penalty nullfied one of Jamayne Isaako's four field goal attempts, and the Raiders snuck home thanks to the heroics of one J. Rapana.

Now, of course, it's important to understand that the bill will come due for such bullshit. Whilst I'm not sure I agree with Corey Parker and his suggestion that Joe Tapine should've been sin-binned (and neither did the MRO), there were clearly several 50-50s that went Canberra's way.

Which is unusual, because the Raiders are typically the football team getting boned by questionable officiating decisions.

In the aftermath of Saturday night's game, my personal favourite "jump onto facebook dot com and spout my uninformed opinion" moment was an old coot who spelt "Tapine" as "Tuppeny".

Honestly, if my writing ever gets that bad, just take me out behind the woodshed. That is pathetic.

Nevertheless, Canberra continues to underpromise and overdeliver on their free hit season. Since Fogs went down with a torn boob, Canberra have won three of their last five, although the two losses have been heavy.

And, after the Bulldogs beat the Knights on friday night, Canberra moved into the sweet spot of 9th - not ideal, but where I feel they're most likely to end up at the conclusion of the season.

Again, just like last week, the Strange man and Kaeo sports have a beautiful dynamic duo building. From up here in my ivory tower, the entire team seems to be capable of long stretches of tough footy. It's also capable of long stretches of terrible footy, as last week demonstrated.

Yes, the Dolphins were missing the Hammer, and Felise "Psycho" Kaufusi. Jesse Bromwich went off early, never to return. And Herbatron (no, not that one) had a head knock as a result of (maybe) foul play from big Joe.

But, Canberra was missing Hudson Young, and the Raiders have been without their first choice halfback for six weeks now. So, you can only play the game that's offered to you.

The end result was a cracking game of footy that ended on a nailbiting cliffhanger - and that, dear friends, is what Rugby League is like at its finest.

I stick my longbow fingers up at those who suggest that Golden Point is somehow ruining the game - because it's exciting! Both sides trying to crawl close enough to kick a field goal, or if you're very lucky, a golden try.

It'd be nice if I didn't get a sinking feeling every time Canberra went there, though...

This week is Origin I - and as at the time of writing, I can confirm there's no bench rake, and James Tedesco has replaced Dylan Edwards as New South Wales' fullback.

So, uh, pray for the Blues.

The Raiders have a bye next week, so look forward to not having to read another one of these trainwrecks. Might do one after NSW lose to Queensland.

Catch you next time,

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