I umm'ed and ahhed about if I was going to post this article, not wanting to post twice for some arbitrary reason.

Also the gang isn't complete - there's a number of special weapons missing from the lineup that are very useful for killing delinquents in the underhive - and I haven't really sorted out front arcs or names for my gangers - which I probably should.

But I'm really happy with how these guys turned out - I wanted to paint Blue and Orange, or paint an homage to the SBR paint scheme of the mid 00s. I actually drew up this scheme in Impcat, and was pretty happy with how it all came together.

I've had a few games with the fully painted mob, but with 10th edition heating up, these folks are destined to hide in my miniatures case for awhile longer, or maybe forever, alongside the Gold Rush gang.

One thing I am really happy with are the little baby hazard stripes on the harpoon launcher - after all, it is a repurposed mining tool.

Work's now starting on the second wave of blokes - there's a guy with a meltagun for those hard to reach places, two dogs for the arms master and ross the boss, a chap with a grenade launcher, a plasma gunner and two folks with boltguns.

Catch you next time,

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