I did commit the cardinal sin of playing with these guys without them being fully painted. Which is a sin I commit a lot, if you read my battle reports (I wouldn't.)

Still, they did well, torched lots of guardsmen on their way to victory. Which made me happy on the inside. Overall these guys were pretty pleasant to paint - I opted to use one of the Salamander braziers on the sarge, to help me spot him but also in-case he needed a secondary source of fire.

I am still really enjoying the pop goes the monkey shoulder flame icons. They make maintaining a uniform look across the entire force very easy and I have become reasonably proficient at painting them. Of course they don't look like real fire and freehanding would be better overall, this is a fine backup.

I said above that the miniature was mostly easy to paint - the only thing that wasn't were those festering fueltank pipes, which I wanted to paint one orange and one black. What ensued was a hellish descent into "am I painting this the right color" as I had to try and follow the pipe along with my brush. I'm finding orange to be a nice little spot color to add a little flair to the "boring" green and black (and occasional fire colors)

Catch you next time,

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