These guys are a bit interesting for me. Traditionally their camo cloaks are meant to look like camo cloaks. But my brain cannot accomplish random things, so I just left them be.

If the suppressors from last week were supposed to be a "help me deal with things at long range" - these fellows are similar to that. But they just get less done. But they're very cool models.

There are only two shots this week as those cloaks cover up a ton of detail. There's actually very little here. Making these guys fairly simple and straightforward to paint - if very painful because of trying to paint the back of the cloak as well.

His holiness Duncan Rhodes has a handy tip here - paint the back of the cloaks dark and just don't bother. Sage advice. Which is what I did. Even then, I did have trouble picking out the textures of the cloak - which is something that plagued me even when painting Ahriman.

Catch you next time,

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