If there's one thing every Salamander knows, it's that melta weapons are great, and flamer weapons are sick. But sometimes you need a bit of long range firepower to make the dream work.

Fortunately, the vanguard box promises a wide array of long range tools for such a purpose, including the Suppressors. Equipped with long range autocannons on a fast-moving (if fragile platform) these boys provide a bit of help dealing with things Melta rifles and Flamestorm Gauntlets can't touch.

I opted to paint the flying stands black because, let's level with each other, plain plastic flying stands look ugly. They scratch easily, and cause nothing but pain for the owner. I once owned a Dark Eldar army with blank flying stands and my disgust with always seeing the scratched up flying stands was palpable.

Also an old tournament organiser friend used to mark me down for not painting my flying stands. If he reads this, it was a jerk thing to do at the time, but I understand now why you did it.

Although it looks like each model has a separate pose, I promise you that they do not. The problem is the flying stands on the back of each model has a strange connection point with not much contact area. So these miserable jerks fell off their stands all the time.

They were also a titanic pain to paint as you cannot handle them very well in their assembled format. So I ended up having to touch their little skis and their strange jetpack flap-things, and of course rubbed lots of paint off of them. Making me very cranky.

Catch you next time,

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