When I first started building this army, I was convinced that three aggressors was probably enough.

That was a scurrilous lie. Turns out three aggressors has trouble standing up to things. Six, on the other hand, particularly under the shiny new Firestorm Detachment, coming out of a Land Raider Redeemer?

Well, now we're talking.

To be clear, I didn't finish six, only three - the above story is meant to clarify in a roundabout way, that I finished three.

I did paint these chaps in sub-assemblies, because I like to paint one of the two fuel hoses in an orange accent colour. Trying to do this when the fuel tanks are glued onto the miniature is very problematic, however.

These minis also had to be painted using the older method of Leadbelcher instead of VJMC Gunmetal Grey. Pro-tip, from me to you, do not use Leadbelcher. I thought it was just Runefang Steel that was bad.

No, Leadbelcher sucks too.

I was quite happy with how the fuel tanks and flamer nozzled turned out. GW metals might suck, but their golds are ok. These bad boys were done with Balthasar Gold, layered with Sycorax Bronze and then recess shaded with Agrax Earthshade.

Really happy with this unit of six, next time I won't do three and then three.

Catch you next time,

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