I’m fully on the painting death march this month, as I desperately try and make it to 1,500 points of Salamanders fully painted for CanCon 2024.

Last week I managed to complete three aggressors, and in the past week and a bit, I’ve managed to chew through three Eradicators and a Gravis Captain, which puts me in a good spot for the final stretch.

In between base-coating more Eradicators (for a total of twelve in 1,500 points – how good are melta rifles…) my airbrush did poop itself, so now I’m on the hunt for an expensive “Forever Airbrush”. I think I’m going to go with an Iwata Eclipse, whilst praying my Talon can keep it together to basecoat a few more little toy soldiers with Vallejo Mecha Matt Varnish.

I had also planned to do up an edge-lord Phobos Librarian, but much like General Monty and Operation Market Garden, that’s going to end up being a bridge too far.

This unit of Eradicators is the last that I will use Leadbelcher on. It’s a rubbish paint, and Vallejo Metal Colour absolutely obliterates it. It’s patchy when it goes on, needs multiple coats for coverage, and generally demonstrates why unless GW paint is outstanding, you should probably keep your eyes and ears open for alternatives.

The Gravis Captain was mostly smooth sailing, until I decided I wanted to try and teach myself wet blending. In a word, mistake. I was already pretty tired from consecutive late finishes, and the high emotion of failure kept me up way too late and made me very sick from exhaustion.

I would eventually like to learn how to glaze (or use my new airbrush to do swords) but for now, I have had to settle with hitting the Cap’s sword with a heavier dose of Matt Varnish to try and bring the highlights out.

Both sets of models I have completed in record time – the Eradicators I did in four days, the Cap I did in two, which puts me in a good spot to get the last six Eradicators done to complete 1,500 points of dudes.

So, pray for me, I guess.

Catch you next time,

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