With the breaking news that our second child is on the way, this year marks the last point for a stretch of time that I will be able to play a three day event.

Certainly, I will negotiate for Grim Series, and Capital Clash, but asking for three days off whilst my wife struggles with two young children is off the table in its entirety.

But, with one stolen army, one army I hated, and World of Warcraft holding my attention for more than eighteen months, I am still very much coming out of hibernation - and so are my miniatures.

Behold, the tray of shame.

Despite this shame, my 40k renaissance has had some advantages - one, it means I missed the awkward transition to Primaris Space Marines, and the need to have firstborn units to cover gaps in the chadmarine roster - and two, my painting skills were finally advanced enough to respect the miniatures, and paint them properly.

But the new, "proper" paint style takes a lot longer than three colours and blasting the mini with a wash - you can't rush art, it seems.

So Cancon wanted 1,500 points of miniatures. I had an idea to make a firmer, more meta-slave-y list with a land raider, and dreadnoughts, but I wasn't confident in my ability to paint three heavy vehicles in a short space of time, so I decided to go with my triple-threat list I've been using in 1,000 points. Just with assault intercessors instead of bladeguard.

That still left a big hole in the budget if I wanted to play Firestorm - or even Gladius. I'd need to get through a ton of miniatures, in a relatively short time.

and, well, I did.

Behold, the feather in my cap - six finished eradicators:

These guys used all the micro-optimisations I've learned. Foundry Slate Grey for highlights. Vallejo Metal Colours for basecoating and for highlights. And the end result is I have five whole days before Cancon to put my feet up, play some video games, and mentally set myself for the weekend.

I could maybe have pushed, and done up a Phobos Librarian (hereby referred to as an "Edgelord Librarian", but my airbrush pooped itself (or, more accurately, I broke it) and so I decided not to hustle.

Plus, I made myself sick from all the late nights - certainly, future painting projects may be a little bit more sedate in the future.

Without further ado, here's 1,500 points of Salamanders, all finished, varnished, and ready to punch on:

I will do my best to do a write-up of Cancon, and I'm also hoping to track down an airbrush there too. See you in a week!

Catch you next time,

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