In a sign I am slowly going mad, I didn't actually intend to paint this miniature. Instead, I coated him with five different shades of blue, hoping one of them would be the holy grail of shades of blue. Then I wanted to see the armor shaded. Then I wanted to see the armor highlighted. Then the word 'blue' lost all meaning.

Then, after swearing under my breath and realising that I had gone too far to back down now, I figured I may as well polish him off. Adding to my motivation was the OzTG forums running their monthly painting competition, with a theme of 'magic'.

Which, when you think about it, harnessing the warp is kind of like using magic, so off I went:

So future generations don't go completely mad, the paint scheme is Macragge Blue, highlighted with Calgar Blue. When finally highlighted and put together as a complete package, it fits the bill perfectly for librarian armor. It was not the right shade for my Orlocks, which was where I was initially heading, but, no-one cares about them.

One interesting thing I tried by accident (because he fell off the base) was, once the miniature was completed, to remove the miniature from the base and complete the base seperately. The outcome is a much more comprehensive covering of sand, paint and grass. I will definitely be using this method in future, particularly on models where the details or geometry runs low to the ground.

the last thing I am proud of working on is my free-handing of letters. Whilst it's not going to win any golden demons any time soon (and it isn't the librarian's name), I like how it makes the miniature feel complete.

Catch you next time,

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