I don't expect my readerbase to understand or care why this batch of marines is important to me, but it is. It took me approximately seven months to finish these bad boys up, meaning the projected timeframe for me to get 2,000 points of Salamanders on the table will be about... 2030.

However, this is the first squad I have finished post having a little one. There's a lot of little things I'm happy about with this squad, including the fact that it looks the same as my other squads of Salamanders. Which, if you consider there's about 24 months between my last finished unit and this one, is pretty important.

I did learn something important though, which is to check the consistency of paint coming out of the airbrush prior to basecoating. Halfway through painting this unit I made the staggering discovery that the green was not green enough, owing to over-thinned paint. So I had to crack out the brush and top up the most obvious green bits of the squad to make sure they were green enough.

The real winner here, is, of course, Vallejo mecha matt varnish, which just works wonders on Space Marines for some reason. It makes the black highlights stand out super well, and it mutes the bright bone drybrush on the base just enough to make it look like a wasteland.

One miniature I was particularly happy with is the Sergeant, who has a 3D printed thunder hammer from Pop Goes the Monkey. Man, I love that site.

It is a little bit sad that the game is so ultraviolent and Space Marines in general are so fragile that these gents went straight into my Miniatures Case and will likely never see the light of day, but when you want to try and not lose many games in a row, you've got to do what you can.

Catch you next time,

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