So I moved and I'm still alive (only just). But before I moved, I got my Salamander Eradicators 95% of the way to being finished. In a way, it feels like I'm taking credit for someone else's work, even though I remember being there.

So whilst the paint time for these guys feels very long, it was actually one of my shortest overall paint times, with the key components taking maybe a week and a half.

I'm supposed to put some filler in here, because Google tells me that helps with my search engine optimisation, but I'm honestly just happy I got these guys all finished. I just wasted thirty seconds of your life.

The further good news is that, with my Eradicators all finished up, my 500 point combat patrol is all finished! Admittedly too late for the event they were supposed to participate in, but I blame life for getting in the way of that one.

Anyway - here's Adrax's Boys:

For closeups, I recommend you take a look at other earlier Monday Miniatures articles. Worth a look!

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